The content on these pages have been created to help you be successful on the placement exam. When you click on an objective on the left side of the page a set of links appear. Each link will direct you to the following:

Help page: The topic's main help page, with specific links to materials
Video Tutorial: A link to a YOUTUBE video that covers all the material in that topic.
Tutorial Sheet: Download a PDF document that is used in that topic's Video Tutorial.
Work Sheet: Download a PDF document that is a collection of questions from that topic
Sample Questions: Electronic version of all questions from that Topic. The login will be your G# and password is your date of birth month and date "mmdd"
If you are a High School Dual Credit student, please use your user name that was generated when you registered at the Dual Credit Page

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and placed them on the following page:

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